Spokane 1st Baptist Church

        773 Spokane Road
          Spokane, MO 65754
          (417) 587-3384

Randall Harwood, Pastor

Randy and Cheryle Harwood


"Randy is guided by the Holy Spirit in his duties as our pastor. Some might think this a cop out statement. But when I think of Randy's role as our pastor, I really and truly feel that he's led by the Holy Spirit and is constantly seeking the Spirit's direction for our church. It's this attitude that "indwells" the rest of the church and drives the ministries here. God has blessed us with a pastor of great intellectual capacity who allows his faith in God to be the guidance for his thought process. It is this fact that raises his sermon's above the average, the Spirit lives inside his messages and we hear from God because Randy spend his time listening to Him"Kerry Smith